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They start to do corruption on massive scale. So far as these feudal are present in the county, democracy cannot grow in its true spirit. Needless to say, such trend has given a severe blow to the rule of law in the country, leading to the erosion of public faith on the democratic system. Opinion of western writers about Islam after the conquest of Constantinople j. Why do as a nation we not give highest value to education The rapid growth of urbanization is equally a healthy change. You should use a wide range of vocabulary.

Islam-its meaning and message 2. Expansion of Islam d. Aside from undemocratic behaviour, the politicians who dominate the political scene usually lack moral character. Did the expansion belie the peaceful credentials of Islam c. Has the terrorism any link with Clash of Civilization?

In future will the Muslim governments be at loggerheads with terrorist groups or will cooperate with them at any level? Impacts Social Political Psychological Religious 1.

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