Essay greek parthenon and roman pantheon

pantheon and acropolis

Ancient Rome. In addition, it serves as a replacement for two earlier temples of Athena on the Acropolis. There are such great meanings behind each of these architecural structures.

Enough remains of the structures with descriptions of each through all their existence, to give a picture of them the moment completion was finished. They had been reused for many purposes. In honor of the gods were built majestic temples.

The table below sums up the differences of the temples In this table we can compare and contrast one building from the other. As fundamental as it sounds, the use of this structure has a long history dating back to ancient Greece.

During this time, they gain more strength after being victorious over the Persians Peace treaty in B. References: Sullivan, MA. This was followed by the end of the ancient Greek period with the death of Alexander Ancient Greece.

It is said that the Pantheon is to Italy what the Parthenon is to Greece.

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The Parthenon and the Pantheon Essay Example