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Thus, it could be shown to officials of the International Red Cross. The Jewish populations of the East were thus main enemies: every Jew, whether a soldier in the Red Army, a political commissar or a poor peasant in a Ukrainian shtetl, was an ontological, implacable enemy of the Reich, a great threat.

In the particularly hot summer oftyphus was rife, an epidemic that did not only hit the Jewish inhabitants but also threatened German administrators, police and soldiers.

Inthe German theologian and philosopher Bruno Bauer published Die Judenfrage The Jewish Questionin which he examined the compatibility of the Jewish religion with the political and legal framework of Christian states.

Where to? All were located in occupied Poland. They were later joined by Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia. Crematorium Ovens built in concentration camps to burn and dispose of the large number of murdered bodies.

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Louis was a refugee ship that left Hamburg in the spring of , bound for Cuba. However, not much was accomplished, since most western countries were reluctant to accept Jewish refugees. At least a million Jews were killed in this manner. In Warsaw, well-dressed women were targeted from the start of the occupation, especially those still wearing fur coats. Gypsies, Russian prisoners-of-war, ill prisoners. SS physician at Auschwitz , notorious for pseudo-medical experiments, especially on twins and Gypsies. After the liberation of the ghetto he emigrated to England. He provides just enough thumbnail narrative to frame his very thoughtful answers for a lay audience, as each chapter of the book addresses a particular question — Why the Jews? During World War II, he was virtual dictator of the German economy and was responsible for the total air war waged by Germany. Protests against what the SS was doing by the German occupying authorities, and the growing frustration of Governor-General Hans Frank, who wanted to turn the General Government into a model, productive state, led to the abandonment of the plan.

Anti-Semitism flourished in the ranks of the nationalist Right in Europe, whose members were anxious to preserve the homogeneity, the composition and the authenticity of the social groups which had formed nation states in the nineteenth century.

The T-4 program served as the training ground for methods of mass murder that would later be used in the death camps, such as gassings and cremation of bodies. Appell The roll call of prisoners that could take hours.

Swedish diplomat who, inwent to Hungary on a mission to save as many Jews as possible by handing out Swedish papers, passports and visas.

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"Final Solution": Overview