How to write a good night message to your boyfriend

Romantic goodnight messages for him

Goodnight my love, good night my man, you have always been the one for me. You ready? Bless you, my only love. I will always love you, baby. Funny goodnight texts for him? See you tomorrow, love. No go to sleep and have a good night! A little sick? I was looking out the windows thinking about the person I care most and the one who came to my mind was U. You are already sleeping deeply, and I dream about you, about the tenderness of your hands, about your voice, loyalty and trust; about that pure sense which I feel towards you, and about my love and how I cherish you. Laugh and the world will laugh with you. But tomorrow, I will see you again and with your hug, you will take away all of my worries and troubles. Then he said to me that I am accepting anger from your side rather than these words, that really hurt me. Make a wish, say goodnight.

Have a lot of funny dreams. I love you, my hero.

romantic good night quotes for him

I hope the next day will finally be the day when I see you. Please dim your light. I never leave you alone. I miss you so much. So believe in your dreams!

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Even though we can only see each other via Skype, your eyes drive me wild! Muah, good night. Here, we will give you some ideas for a good night message for him.

funny goodnight texts for him

You can then phrase it better or leave it as a list for him. The moon is up.

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