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It will try to answer the pros and cons of marrying someone of the same culture, and also discuss immigration challenges. What would it be like?

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We are all different, but in the end we are all fruit Vardalos, We can become so involved with our heritage and culture, that we can unknowingly twist certain principles and guidelines to fit our ideals and cultural practices.

The modifications do not just affect you and your partner, they affect the whole family as well.

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The final theory is the system theory, it relates to the Portokalos family in a way where you can relate to them as an intrapersonal family. They will eventually find a way to live together regardless of their cultural background and then it is up to their families to sort things out between themselves. In the big picture, however, exist the common themes of adaptability and resourcefulness resulting from similar histories of displacement and migration. Another visible aspect is the one of eating a lot all the time. It is the origin of democracy, the Olympic Games, drama, and Western civilization. She may have found a lot of her Greek traditions and expectations stifling but she knew how wonderful her family was, as well. Maria explained to Toula that Toula was just like her when she was her age.

Starting with the first theory, conflict theory; which is the theory where a person fights for power and control to be categorized as the superior one. My Big Fat Greek Wedding helped me gain more insight into why it is so important for the Greeks to pass on their meaningful traditions, so as to not lose their Greek customs.

Ian and Toula have both used face and eyes as a form of nonverbal communication. The film is quite funny and charmingly romantic.

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The last controlling incident that occurred was when Toula fell in love with a man named Ian Miller, who was not Greek, and wanted to get married to him but Gus was very much against that because in his culture he believes that Greek women must Nadine Akershoek marry Greek men.

In that time, historical landmarks such as the Theatre of Dionysos, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora, and the Acropolis have been built. Her father perceived her badly so she thought of herself that way as well. You would better understand the persons decisions, language, interests, but the relationship would perhaps not be as colourful and vibrant as a multicultural relationship.

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Essay on Analysis of My Big Fat Greek Wedding