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Ask why the pictures are different and how these distinctions relate to his conception of the topic. Additionally, Denzin provides a good discussion of the validity and reliability issues concerning the use of film and photography generally as sociological research tools. This picture means that dove soap gives the respondent lots of self belief and confidence and this leads to success. Sometimes the respondent remembers milk when she imagines about dove soap due to the colour. Additionally, visual representations are processed differently than verbal messages and hence are not subject to the same logical scrutiny and counterarguing Biel Less well-defined brands are likely to spawn a more diverse set of images. Set 1: Mother daughter relationship and childhood Set 2: Skin care moisturizer, mild, soft and smooth Set 3: Inspiration leads to success Set 4: Love yourself Sensory Image When asked the respondent, as to, what was the most important attribute in that can be sensory in nature.

Results are seen in reduced delivery and implementation time. Blog of content paper help guide examples of students pay conclusion. Discussions of imagery and its relevance to advertising, marketing and consumer research that have implications for branding can be found in Lutz and Lutz; Rossiter ; Rossiter and Percy ; MacInnis and Price ; and Bone and Ellen The marketing managers could reverse engineer and use these doodle combinations in advertisements to have the desired impact on the customer.

The teddy bear is holding a rose to let you know my clothes smell good when washed with 'Tide'.

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Of replies, 12 7 men and 5 women are selected based on diversity of preferences and background. In addition to using photographs and pictures as stimuli to elicit constructs, ZMET relies on verbalization to establish and record images the customer wanted to collect but was unable to do so because of time or geographic constraints.

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Luckily, no one can enter that space. Briefly, the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique ZMET employs qualitative methods to elicit the metaphors, constructs and mental models that drive customers' thinking and behavior, as well as quantitative analyses to provide data for marketing mix decisions and segmentation strategies. Other image capture techniques are also effective and the best combination of techniques will vary with the product-usage situation, the target audience, and the theme and objective of the research. Encourage the subject to describe what types of pictures would represent those concepts. The triad task The triad task seeks to identify concepts and distinctions at a higher level. She reported that the sunrise contained several meanings: freshness as in the smell of her clothing after using "Tide" , brightness as in the colors of her clothes after using "Tide" , calm or peacefulness knowing that "Tide" cleaned her clothes put her at ease , and accomplishment a new day to get things done. This may have something to do with his perception of the brand, product or service you are exploring, or it may be a more open-ended question about how he interprets the world. Soft, smooth and silky. I don't like to do it!

The interviewer, using the laddering process, helped to elicit additional constructs and their relationships.

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How to Conduct a ZMET Interview